Hipster label theme

Hipster Label Theme

Hipster Label theme.png


Look, sometimes you need to make a hipster label for someone/something/somesite. It happens to the best of us. I’m not even a hipster (oh, wait, I’m in my early 30’s and live in Portland, OR…), ok, suffice to say, we’ve all had to churn our some labels that have that “we listen to Bon Iver on the way to work” vibe.

There’s a lot of great sources for the label shapes- try flaticon.com. There’s great font sources that are go-to-worthy, such as myfonts.com. But what about your colors? Well, I got your back on that front: welcome to the Hipster Label color theme.

Just smash that copy/paste on these HEX codes:







Thanks for taking a look- I hope your design gets so hip it makes kale chips for you. Don’t forget to press that like button like a vintage French press!


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