cooling theme

Coolin’ Theme

Coolin' Theme.png


The coolin’ theme, which is today’s theme, is all about, well, coolin’. Imagine Giorgio De Chirico liked skateboarding down to 7-11 with a broken walkman blasting Moroder on repeat. That’s kind of the vibe I’m trying to create here- a metaphysically conscious mellow, with some post-disco era aesthetic.

Why would you want that, you ask? Let’s say you’re making some kind of vaporwave thing for a youtube video cover or something. Or some Vimeo channel art. Well this color theme happens to be exactly what you need to look legit. It’s not too neon, it’s not too modern, but it’s not so retro you want to leave it in a box with a “FREE” sign either.

I could also see this with any retro-futurist or 80’s design needs. Just all around a classically quirky palette.

Smash that copy/paste on these HEX codes and enjoy:






I hope you enjoy this theme and if you did, synth-solo that like button and I’ll be back with more dank themes.


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